Bingo Fashion
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Isabelle Apoux
  A simple and original idea to renew its wardrobe to least cost, to use and to manage a budget "Fashion" to which one had not thought, and that, all along the year. 
Then, ladies if you are not again a "BingoFashion"... to your closets! 
                    YOU DEPOSIT, 
                            WE SELL, 
                                      YOU CASH. 

For those that want to come apart in all security of articles to the just price, Isabelle A., real professional of the fashion will counsel you to best of your interests. 
All our deposits take place on appointment, by our boutique DECLIC DEPOT situated 6, Rue Victor Cousin 06400 to CANNES - Tél:  
We can also propose you to come to do the withdrawal of your articles at home, if your wardrobe is too important where if you cannot move...
All proposed articles must answer specific criterias established by our boutique in order to assure a selection and a quality rigorous searched for by our faithful clientele. 
The deposits are gradual according to the seasons and renewed according to the calendar of the collections presented by the set of the big dressmakers: 
To deposit the clothes & accessories of SPRING / SUMMER: 
Take appointment from January 20 until maximum May 15
To deposit the clothes & accessories of fall / WINTER: 
Take appointment from July 15 until maximum November 30.
An original copy of "contract of deposit" will be put back you there at the days and hours of your appointment specifying the designation and the evaluation of every article selected by the boutique DECLIC DEPOT, as well as the general conditions of deposit. 
The length limited of your deposits is fixed to 3 months, from the date indicated on the copy of your deposit contract, period during which we expose and let's sell for your account the set of the articles confided. 
Shortly before the end of the date limits the length of your contract, you contact us and come to search for the articles that have not been sold. 
The payments of the sold articles are done with the progression of the sales recorded in our books accountants and directly to the depositor's order.